The Rhode Island Fishermen's Alliance is dedicated to its mission of continuing to help create sustainable fisheries without putting licensed fishermen out of business.

Since its inception, the Rhode Island Fishermen's Alliance has stayed true to its motto "for the people, by the people". Every issue that has confronted Rhode Island's Commercial Fishing Industry has been met head on by the Alliance.

These challenges require a dedicated core of volunteers. The common bond of this group is a shared sense of responsibliity to protect every Rhode Island fishery and every harvester.

Endless hours are spent working with lawmakers and academia to counter attempts made by both state and federal agencies to consolidate or create fishery policies to eliminate licensed fishermen.

"The United States' tradition of fishing is in danger. One by one, our nation's regional fisheries are being forced under a new management system that pushes smaller-scale fishermen out of their jobs, leaves crew members scrambling for pay and turns fishing communities into ghost towns.  These systems are called catch shares, individual fishing quotas, sector management or catch-and-trade programs. They privatize out oceans, often leaving the future of our nation's most precious natural resources - our fish - in the hands of a small number of larger fishing firms, whose primary goal is often immediate profit rather than sustainable use and long-term conservation." 1

1 Source: Food & Water Watch "Privatizing U.S. Fisheries"

New Report on 2013 Northeast Groundfish Economic Performance

The findings contained in NOAA's final report on the season released January 22, 2015 sketch a pessimistic and dire report of an entire fishery under siege from economic, regulatory and environmental pressures during the past four years.

Welcome to our Community

On April 5, 2011, The Rhode Island Fishermen's Alliance had the privilege to sponsor a guided tour of Point Judith, Rhode Island's largest fishing port, to a group of 20 graduating 1st Class Cadets from the United States Coast Guard Academy...

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